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  • 大小:123MB
  • 环境:Android
  • 更新:2020-06-20


9 version hind, augment supply and free augment supply [the time that gives look of S class female fierce 100 times surely] will accede each other, namely provision of two kinds of augment will be common frequency of a protection.





No matter be means of which kinds of rescue, need the tacit cooperation of you and camping ground companion.


The mice that knowledge blocks * mouse to place knowledge to block —


And still not be restricted hereat, good swim to explode quickly the game strategy special administrative area that has major (dozen upgrade quite necessary) , a variety of welfare activities (game skin, the experience takes activation code to be taken freely) , still have have a fever for game only the forum that friend builds (the good news of elite player) , the place that urgent player is for must needs, the place that understands a player is painful, let broad players how can set his mind at the heart plays game, it is good that light light Song Song takes welfare ~ swim to explode quickly, game him lover APPIf a few class somebody asks your Chinese?

因此,通常是推地图或练习级,船长开花,或大太刀乱飞的情况。因为如果大太刀攻击多个敌人,很容易获得名声,但其他刀会露出黄色的脸。Mobile award: 1, during the activity successive the 1st day of: ?

In place play a law to fall, the gold coin after ending game also can increase ceaselessly, full level of currency of 0 krypton bullion is no problem completely.


Recommend related: DNF hand swims engineer La Tie first phase: Blow feeling models DNF hand to swim engineer La Tie the 4th period: Blow feels form element key frame and hand of double hit DNF to swim engineer La Tie the 5th period: Blow feels constitute element specially good effect wonderful content all is in symphonious effect more " DNF hand swims " zoneBreath out young associate people everybody is good, in the new version of the near future, elaborated athletics thoroughly to experience the 3 core content that optimize greatly with everybody, small making up also was to see comment area young associate people all the time reputably!

一是队长随时变化。船长开花后,可以更换其他刀,享受待遇。Rise and fall for instance errant girl —

" love with producer " male advocate one of, the week chess the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of the small sun that the person that be called sees the person loves, now (9) greet annual birthday, undertaking be celebratinged grandly living moving for him in game, there also is the faithful player that likes him to be celebrated for him outside game unripe.

一是观察6把刀的射门,调整马(机动),避免台刀疯狂的有名。More of encyclopedia of map of йз of encyclopedia of weapon of game strategy йз is popular information, strategy, enter CF hand to swim please zoneThe west hill is resided will with Tecent be old acquaintance, each young associate should won"t unfamiliar?

Regard the commander of drive slope little sister as the tower, make the drive slope little sister that can lead complex number finally, can city of call “

同样,您也可以调整刀具(机动)以变更快照顺序。另一种是在电前多练习几把刀,如果有刀和黄脸,就换一把,让黄脸休息。几种方法综合起来,可以根据自己的刀情况运用。What you need to do is to choose appropriate difficulty to enter game hind, ceaselessly exploration, forward.

Story set: In the beginning of fairy tale, you will be reincarnate by accident in be infatuated calligraphy " fairy tale world " big enchanter, with accompany demon " Glyn " the secret that explores this world together.


Of course, difficulty is rewarded greatly more more also!

笔刷花专用图为1-1。The peaceful elite that the anniversary on collocation celebrates, how to want pull up abb?

treasure brand-new chessboard gets in expeditionary ”

画作文的时候,埃格卡尔去1-1次。第一张地图的第一张图片,在左上角。怎么进入老板也不会出现检查(检查) (城市管理)地图。Compare other model group, the one large window of group of model of useless earth renascence mixed the plot of a play namely, playing game so while, it seems that oneself lie in science fiction is great setting.

5, super scientist gets a way: Eden is draw-out person son endowment: Ascendant hand is taking life maximum the scientist of two bottles of chemical solution, she is contemporary and exclusive hopeful the person that can restore to abandon land, follow her footstep, save salvation bound 6, mutinous army gets a way: Endowment of son of operation activity person: When be harmed, odds makes friendly square attack increases inside 15m 15 o"clock is one is had handsome the young lady elder sister of heroic bearing, she is the chieftain of mutinous army, make a stand against of as rigid as intelligence group after all, does you are met and she fulfil a mission sturdily together.


Of the base oneself upon that resource is this mode this (the weapon controls) , the foundation that living is this mode (medical needle) battle train of thought: Must fast kill, gift is the greatest the plunder resource that expend.


The map is complete Jin Ka return giant city, culminating yield prop is [the skin] Long Xiao - evil spirit, at the appointed time young associate people the puissant weapon that can get other activity to give, come again city of giant of return of go on an expedition, bring back honor and award the home jointly together!

一是提高战斗力,开垦荒地,练习,清理活动,还可以提高高成本概率和胜率。During the activity, accumulative total fills a value to reach corresponding number will " additional give award " , of every amount " additional give award " every Zhang date can be gotten only during the activity, accumulative total charges a cost full 2000 yuan, can obtain the following and all " additional give award " accumulate 50 yuan: Treasury close spoon (pet) close spoon of *1, treasury (equipment) close spoon of *1, treasury (prop) *1, Qing Xuanjing *1 accumulates 100 yuan: *200 of *1 of bag of orgiastic in April ceremony, sweeping certificate, Jin Lushi *2, to honour weapon fragment *5, Qing Xuanjing *2 accumulates 200 yuan: *300 of *2 of bag of orgiastic in April ceremony, sweeping certificate, Jin Lushi *3, to honour dress fragment *5, to honour *3 of weapon fragment *5, green Xuan Jing accumulates 500 yuan: *500 of *3 of bag of orgiastic in April ceremony, sweeping certificate, Jin Lushi *4, to honour dress fragment *5, to honour *1 of weapon fragment *5, red Xuan Jing accumulates 1000 yuan: *1000 of *4 of bag of orgiastic in April ceremony, sweeping certificate, to honour dress fragment *10, to honour weapon fragment *10, Gong Xuanjing *2 accumulates 2000 yuan: *2000 of *5 of bag of orgiastic in April ceremony, sweeping certificate, to honour dress fragment *15, to honour weapon fragment *15, Gong Xuanjing *3, celestial being *1B of Yang Li box.

The pioneer tests commander requirement: 1.

也不一定强迫画花。{句}从中到4图5,花保持得比较容易。And the player in adventure is to be able to promote grade, after upgrading every time, can be in 3 random effects the choice undertakes upgrading, although leave after adventure inside the bureau,grade is met replacement, but every are fighting through a metropolis energy of melt into of settle accounts change trains, this can take a dungeon, because this also is our need,ceaseless “(国服还没有打开的6幅画,更是一刀不开花的好地图,尤其是6-2)

The condition is very critical, plane damage is serious, before long hind will explode!


of fruit of “


Indulgence is bought, welfare of the overflow that get (fill a value not to win bit of certificate, not plan charge a cost into accumulative total relevant activity) !