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  • 版本:v0.0
  • 大小:45MB
  • 环境:Android
  • 更新:2020-06-11



看赛跑,拿永久性枪!CF手游AK47-S2冠军收藏评估!在过去的几天里,珍惜游戏中的shaigle S2冠军以来,很多人开始思考应该收集这个系列的套装。最终,这个系列的皮肤都很帅气,很有魅力。看看今天AK47-S2冠军的性能测量,就知道这把枪在性能方面是否和它一样有吸引力。King of enlightened now Tecent gets stuck, 100 application avoid discharge, happy should aid, from enlightened Tecent king card begins!


Additional, weather system still was added in game, below condition of “



Mobile name: Index of indulgence store welfare: of participates in difficulty: Time of activity of : 4.


Sweet clew, raise nurturance Nian Jinli, receive other of little a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct send bright and beautiful increase good fortune (dot assist) can get clever smooth value, little a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct also can pass carp of feed bright and beautiful to foster prop to quicken what clever light is worth to get, jewellery cabinet also will with the 3 preferential price that change education prop is worn on daily set limit to Tian Shanbing spring.

盔甲校正:即,受AC伤后部分损伤的比率,即盔甲修改越少,子弹穿透AC后对敌人的伤害越高,盔甲修改越少,越好。The player makes an appointment now, have an opportunity namely Jie Suofeng is thick make an appointment award, " island epoch " Gu Gu of home island chamberlain has gotten ready receive everybody to ascend an island! PS:没有交流相对和腿部保护)

Show from the data that has account, the earliest in this type two may be 1978 " below malic garden " and 1979 " dungeon takes a risk " .

摘要:AK47-S2冠军在受伤方面与其他AK47一致,没有受伤。{句}盔甲修改也与其他AK47完全一致。Besides familiar part, numerous and classical setting also will become the contest place in game, especially players" most familiar concave and convex hall, not only setting hundred reductive, still increased morning to faint system, encounter again with familiar person here, spend shade of morning sunlight evening in all, just be the scenery with concave and convex the most attractive contest.

Special type arms people after be being bought, besides can outside the award that enjoys full grade manual for a short while, the integral accumulative total of the earn in wanting to be challenged from day-to-day job, weekly challenge, sports season only arrives a certain quantity of, can acquire the dot ticket that buys a ceremony to include an expenditure!


5% , encounter the probability that does not have galaxy play a game of chess for 52.

胸部损伤x4是头部受伤,打盔甲时的伤口在上面应该还有x x 0.8。Sum up 5.


Although game name is medium very conspicuous placed Sai Bopeng to overcome these 4 big character, but the union of that English and number is to let you experience “


Battle group * this second grind in all in taking, the functional;

摘要:AK47-S2冠军所遭受的损失和其他普通AK47一样,受到距离的影响很弱。{句}除了现在被称为的重伤害衰退之外,所有其他AK的伤害在距离衰退程度上也是一样。More and wonderful content all is in " reshipment go into battle " zoneHey cough up each CFer everybody is good, believe everybody is right last weapon of series of You Wuhu admiral was full of CF hand to expect indefinitely.

Flames of war of S5 of cup of 2020 NeXT QwQ to one"s heart"s content!


Between official version, will solid outfit " classical athletics " , " extremely fast right definitely " , " army group contend for hegemony " , " extremely fast anthology beautiful " wait for a variety of mode to play a way.


increases technical ability newly: Adventurer plays a sense organ in contractible condition more acute, the person that should superintend is inside certain limits when, the directional;

摘要:AK47-S2冠军和大多数没有穿透的AK47一样,在渗透方面也没有什么不同。Activity 8: [bazaar of green jade water] sleep south window affection thinks of tired, idle sees table of full booth of pagoda tree shade.

Be worth China year these youths that appreciate a hand to swim are not is “


[filled in May return] must say this period mobile indulgence store wants scarcely too conscience, do not say to have first swim cavalry cast prop and AK47- machinery confuse a city to join among them, exceed only low 2 fold a discount to had let a lot of small companionate cannot help doing sth.


Get card freely: The task that finish can get gravitation field fragment·


of 3 big commandment, let 3 big a group of things with common features also cannot step again sufficient " 5 vestigial " half pace.


Abominable to violating compasses condition player will undertake inclusive but not equipment of be confined to prohibits loginning, equipment prohibits matching wait for punishment.


, eat chicken to earn high specified number to wash out minute of the first field match to come from A group at the same time, the map is desert map, course from southern mine right upper part flies.


(The activity is restricted to install eminent user to participate in only) " island epoch " be pure and fresh the adventurous hand that has oxygen swims.

(移动速度我们用刀的移动速度100作为参考。此方法稍后使用,因为可以更容易地看到移动速度的差异。In game story you are adventurer!)

[candle dragon frame] through activity of center of material benefits of this paragraph of time ceaseless missive illuminates dragon series weapon, guessing the way that wins this frame not hard should be suit of dragon of collect neat candle.

摘要:AK47-S2冠军珍藏的交换时间为1.4秒,与大多数紫色质量AK47一样,交换速度目前处于正常水平。S2冠军珍藏的总时间为0.50秒,和大多数紫色质量AK一样,总时间也很快。这把枪的移动速度没有多大提高。移动速度与大多数普通步枪相同。最后是载重量,AK47-S2冠军珍藏的州子弹的子弹数为38发,备有3个弹匣,子弹数也是紫色质量AK的最高水平。Actually common feature is told, be based on end to swim namely the parallel universe of set plays a way, it is once old player is OK also appearance of savor new flower.

Because grind in all,taking is a test is taken substantially, after every time checks, we need to stop take period of time, stop during taking, we can repair the problem that second test meets duplicate, the hope asks young associate to be able to understand.


of prop and skill;

AK47-S2冠军珍藏的弹道和其他普通AK47弹道一样没有优化。以下是其中一颗墨盒子弹的弹道参考。Mobile —



The girlhood of different world is differ, disposition each different, be full of various glamour.


The countryside that is like dream, quicksand the classical map such as dungeon of the sea, impending city, shadow.

通过以上测试也可以知道,这把枪实际上是长龙的纯皮枪。和长龙的性能一样。只有皮肤不同,性能很好。Our follow-up still can adopt the form that engineers card of La Tiehe response, with Trojan people maintain communicate and communicate, the hope swims DNF hand jointly the game that makes everybody love.但是目前很难得到这把枪。去CFPLM正式比赛现场看比赛才能获得。想先体验这把枪的朋友现在可以买票了。 rehabilitate volume of adduction of bout of lamp of travel of float world blueness is 100 bits fuller when jack-o"-lantern, not refresh goes out " float world eventually word " the problem of skill icon.

On April 16 - on April 22 in a limited time skin ceremony bag sells (open a ceremony to wrap but optional and following fashionable dress 7 days of *1: Literary committee member, the ala of setting sun, football good-for-nothing or queer character, dictate of the Milky Way, hematic leech.




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